Stability Studies

In an effort to accurately determine product shelf life, the cosmetics and skin care industry commonly tests long term storage (25C and 60% RH), refrigeration storage (5C), accelerated storage (40C and 75% RH) and stress testing (10C above accelerated testing). Health Specialty conducts these studies in house on products we manufacture to determine the long term stability of newly developed products under various ambient temperatures. Since it is often not practical to perform real-time study due to time constraints and the fast turnover of products in cosmetic market, long term stability can be reasonably anticipated by accelerated stability testing. In accelerated stability test, products are incubated under stringent conditions (high temperature and relative humidity). Changes in physical properties such as appearance, odor, net weight and pH are studied before and after aging. For commercial batches we also conduct long term stabilities to determine shelf life longer than 2 years. In addition to our in house studies, Health Specialty also coordinates freeze/thaw and photo stability studies.